Can I order it in gold?

Now you can choose to have your pendant in gold. This is 24 carat gold vermeil plating; vermeil is fine silver or sterling silver plated in gold to a thickness of 3 microns.  I use electroplating to do this and so you don't lose any of the fingerprint detail or pattern on your pendant during the process of plating.  You also have a choice of either a 9ct gold chain or a gold vermeil chain with your pendant.
What you need to know before ordering?  As with all gold plating, the vermeil plate will eventually wear away in places and so might need re-plating in the future.  However, due to the sterling silver base, your piece is less likely to cause any allergic reaction unlike other gold plating where copper or cheaper base metals are used.
To order, please add gold plating to your basket, as well as your choice of pendant to be gold plated.