Keepsake Package with Teeny Tiny Toes

Silver Magpie has teamed up with Teeny Tiny Toes, a baby hand & foot print casting company, to bring you a very exciting keepsake package.  

What is in the keepsake package? You will get a gorgeous Teeny Tiny Toes framed hand & foot print cast with a lovely personalised letter and a stunning Silver Magpie hand & foot print pendant.  Prices are dependant on whether you require just a hand or foot print, or both.  

Price includes a home visit* to take the print and delivery of your keepsakes.  You have a choice of 2 different coloured backgrounds (pink or blue) for your pine frame and 10 different shapes to choose from for your pendant.  

Who are Teeny Tiny Toes?  A baby hand and foot print casting company from Petworth, Sussex.  Alex has been making hand and foot impressions for over 14 years, creating beautiful keepsakes of babies, toddlers, siblings & families.  

What areas are covered? Areas covered for this package include Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.  Please contact Silver Magpie to confirm your area is covered before ordering. There is a distance limitation to this product. 

Please note that these items will be made within 3 weeks of the prints being taken.