Our Covid-19 Policy

Risk Assessment                                            Assessment of risk: Low risk


Potential Hazards?

Infected designer, client and/or child. Contaminated equipment including tools, work surface, bag, stationary, clothing, personal items, phone & Sum Up card reader.  Transmission may occur through direct contact or from coughing/sneezing/talking.


Who is at risk?

Designer, client, child, respective households and general public.


Potential Symptoms?

Fever over 37.8 C, hot chest or back, new continuous cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, change in taste or smell, 3 or more other unusual symptoms including unusual aching muscles/joints, sore throat, diarrhoea, vomiting, unusual headache, rash on skin, chest pressure or pain.


Control Measures?

Morning of the appointment:  Self check for symptoms on day of appointment and before visiting client. Client contacted day before to remind them of appointment and on day to check well being before they attend appointment.  Message to be sent to client confirming good health. 

Any client with symptoms in last 7 days will inform the designer and rebook appointment for 2 weeks later. If the designer, client, child or someone in their household develops symptoms after the appointment, the designer will need to contact all clients within the 7 days of symptoms to inform them and to find out if they have also developed symptoms. 

In all circumstances, those showing symptoms should report these to the UK’s Health Protection Team or doctor.  In the event of client with suspected Covid, then all appointments will be cancelled for 7 days before seeing other clients.  In the event of designer with suspected Covid, then all appointments will be cancelled for minimum 2 weeks.  In both cases, all equipment and home to be deep cleaned.


Time of appointment:  

Location: If the appointment is at a client’s house, the print can be done in the garden if there is a side entrance to save going through house as long as it’s not too hot (which will dry the clay out too quickly) and there is a table.  If this is not possible, then make sure client is happy with designer entering home environment.  Designer cannot use bathroom at clients house and must restrict movement to anywhere else in house – kitchen or living room only.  If shoes are removed then socks must be worn and put immediately in wash upon return to designer’s home.  Personal items like handbags etc are not to be taken into the client’s home, with the exception of a mobile phone and car keys.

In the event that the appointment is taken at the designer’s home, then a deep clean must be made before and after the visit to the areas the client will visit. Windows/doors must be opened prior to the appointment so that the area is well ventilated.  The toilet area must be thoroughly cleaned, a new towel provided and hand sanitiser made available for clients to wash hands before and after.  


Handwashing routines: Before going to the appointment, the designer will wash hands throughly including forearms and elbows, drying hands on a new towel.  At the appointment, the designer will use antibacterial alcohol hand gel before taking out equipment and setting up, and then again before and after taking the print.  Clients will also be asked to wash hands before and after a print is taken. Alcohol gel will be provided if required. 


Equipment: All tools and equipment are to be cleaned thoroughly prior to entering the client’s home and immediately after (and upon entering the designers home). A special silicon work surface mat is to be used on the clients table.  This is to be wiped down before and after appointments. Children are to be discouraged from touching unnecessary tools and equipment not required for the session.  Tools to be cleaned before & after each visit:  Case. Tools, incl. cutters, roller, silicon mat, work tile. Phone. Sum Up Machine. Catalogue (wiped down). Chain case. Container. 


PPE: A new disposable, or newly washed, face mask is to be worn throughout the appointment and renewed for any additional client seen that day.  New gloves are to be worn by the designer once the print is about to be taken and thrown away after the appt.  A visor is also available for wear and must be wiped down after use.  An apron is also to be worn and washed before the next appointment.

Clients are also expected to wear a face mask, with exception of children.


Payments: Cash payments will not be available.  A card reader or online payments will be used instead.  


Booking appointments:  To reduce risk, only 1 appointment to be made in the morning and 1 in the afternoon; there should be a minimum of 1 hour in-between appointments to clean equipment.  High risk clients will not be seen until any shielding restrictions have been lifted.