Memorial Jewellery

Fingerprint jewellery is something that can be treasured forever and is even more precious when a loved one has passed away.  If you have lost someone important to you, or you know that you are about to, then it is important to capture their fingerprint as soon as possible. 

You can choose from lots of designs or have a bespoke piece made.  You can have their name engraved on the front which can be done by myself or it can be taken from their own handwriting, e.g. from a birthday card or a letter. You can have a date, a special word that means something to you both or even have their own personal signature on the back, like the client above chose to do. 

Once you have decided you want to have something made, I can send you a silicon mould kit or an ink kit in the post - sometimes you will be sent both so that I can choose the best print once I receive them back.  The funeral homes sometimes have these printing materials so it is also worth asking there too if time is of importance.  They will usually assist you in taking a print for you but please get in contact if you have any difficulty with this. Then, send your prints back to me using the address provided in the pack and I can do the rest. A piece of jewellery takes 2-3 weeks from receipt of prints to be made. 

Click here to choose your special keepsake.  Alternatively, please get in touch to discuss this further.  We offer a very discrete and sensitive service.

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