You probably have lots of questions regarding your jewellery, from how to book an appointment through to receiving your jewellery. Hopefully, you will find the answer below but, if not, please contact me by emailing katherine@silver-magpie.co.uk and I will be more than happy to help.

Can I book a home visit?

If you live within 30 minutes drive of Petersfield, then I can arrange a home visit with you.  Areas I cover, as an example, include Portsmouth, Fareham, Gosport, Whiteley, Havant, Chichester, Emsworth, Waterlooville, Petersfield, Liss, Liphook, Bordon, Alton, Midhurst, Godalming, Guildford, and all the towns and villages inbetween.  Please contact me if you are unsure.  But, generally, if the RAC say I can drive it in 30 minutes then a home visit is possible :) 

If you live slightly further than 30 minutes, then I will charge £5 and will travel up to 45 minutes.  

What if I live further away? How do I book for jewellery to be made?

Not to worry - you can definitely still have jewellery made. You now have several options - please contact me if unsure which option to choose.

  • I offer a silicon mould kit which will take a good print and I can use the mould at the studio to then make your jewellery. The kit will be sent to you in the post with instructions and, once you have a print, you then need to post it back to me.
  • I also offer an ink kit to take an imprint.  This will be sent to you in the post with instructions.Once you have a print, then you can email me a good quality image which I can use to make your jewellery. Please note that the ink print will be slightly enlarged during the production process to make your jewellery so you won't necessarily have a completely full print due to the shape and cut of your charm. 
  • If you are having hand/foot/paw print jewellery made, then you will be sent an inkless wipe kit in the post with instructions.  Try to take several prints so that I can choose the best one. Once you have a print, then you can email me a good quality image which I can use to make your jewellery.

What if I already have a print?

Sometimes, depending on circumstances, you may already have a print that I can use.  Please either email me the image/s or, if it is a silicon mould, please sent this to me in the post.  Any moulds will be returned to you, undamaged.  

How long does it take to receive my jewellery?

Once I have a print, it then takes approximately 2 weeks for your jewellery to be delivered.  This can sometimes be nearer 3 weeks during busy periods.

I am in a rush. Can I have my jewellery sooner?

If you require your jewellery for a special occasion and have left it a bit late, then please do contact me and I will see what I can do. This isn't always possible during busy periods but I will always try to help where I can.

How long does a home visit take?

An appointment takes approximately 30 mins for one child and 45 mins-1 hr for 2/3 children.

What happens at an appointment?

Firstly, I will talk to you about how your jewellery is made and how you take care of your finished piece. I will then discuss with you design options, shapes, chain styles, and then there is a little paperwork (receipt).  This tends to take 15-20 minutes. Finally, I then take a print; this can sometimes take several attempts as I like to make sure I have a good clear print and, in the case of babies, they can also scrunch up their hands so it can take a few goes to get this right.  Your prints are taken away and your finished jewellery is returned to you approximately 2 weeks later.  

When do I pay?

Payment is made either online at the time of buying your jewellery, or at the time of the appointment if booked through facebook.  If paying at a home appointment, I can take card or cash payments only (no cheques please). I use a SumUp card machine for your reference.

I'm worried my child will scream/shout/cry/not cooperate?

Firstly, you should know that the process is not painful and I do not use any force or pressure when taking the print.

Please don't worry about how your child reacts whilst I am there.  I am a secondary school teacher - believe me I've seen far worse behaviour wise :) I will always try to put your child at ease and I am very child-friendly, involving them in the process where possible; I have had children play the role of workshop manager, organising who will have the prints first, and I have had other children even cut out the prints. It's about making your child feel happy and comfortable.  

If you are a mum of a young baby, I can work around meal times, sleep patterns, little paddies they might throw - I've had 2 children myself so I know exactly how children can be. I don't use any pressure and the material is not cold so it will not harm your child in the slightest. If they get worried or worked up then we can take a break.  I work with you and your baby so your comfort is always my priority. 

How old do you have to be to have a print taken?

From 16 weeks to 99 years+.  I don't recommend this for very young babies under 16 weeks old as they don't have much of a print.  However, all ages above this are suitable including adults.

I would like jewellery made to remember a loved one who has passed away?

 I am very sorry for your loss and I can absolutely help you in having this special piece made.  You may well have been given a set of prints from the funeral home or hospital.  If not, please contact the funeral home and they may well be able to help you acquire these prints.  Once you have this, please email any prints (or post me the mould) and I can start work on your keepsake. Please contact me to discuss any shapes or special wording at katherine@silver-magpie.co.uk

What is your address?

Any moulds or prints, please send to 34 Monks Orchard, Petersfield, Hants, GU32 2JD.