When does your baby grow fingerprints?

Imagine your baby before it is born, growing in your tummy🤰. Each day it grows more and more. It’s an exhausting job, this growing. That’s why he or she regularly needs sleep and quiet time 😴 One day though they will start to grow fingerprints; a pattern of ridges, arches, whorls, and loops. A pattern that is so unique that no one else in the world will match it - that’s 1 in 7.7 billion people - amazing, huh? Clever, that baby of yours!

This amazing process begins as early as 2-3 months old, when they are still in your tummy, and they develop pads on their fingers. At 4-5 months old, your precious unborn baby has now formed unique markings and ridges. Then, at 6 months, your unborn baby has now developed a full fingerprint pattern with loops, whorls and arches.

Amazing huh? What the body can do? Or, rather, what your baby can do 🤱 ❤️

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