What age can I have prints taken?

This is the question that I hear the most....is my child too young or too old to have prints taken???  

The answer is that for hand and foot print jewellery, prints can be taken from birth and there is no maximum age, so any age is possible.  It is non-toxic and does not hurt at all to have prints taken.

What about fingerprints? This depends on how the print is being taken.  If you are thinking of booking a home visit or studio visit, I would recommend waiting till your little one is at least 16 weeks old.  If you are having prints done by a silicon mould (via the post), then I would advise waiting till your child is at least 2 years old to have this done.  The reason for this is because you will get more detail in the print on your jewellery. I can also take prints using the pencil & sellotape method from 16 weeks old and just requires a photo sent to me afterwards. Please contact me if interested in this method as you can easily check at home if prints are strong enough to use before ordering.  

When babies are first born, the detail is hard to see.  Whilst they do have prints,  the lines can be quite shallow and so hard to pick up in the silver and the silicon moulds. Therefore, it really is worth waiting just that little bit longer as your jewellery will be that much better.

So is my teenage child too old to have prints taken then? Not at all...in fact, you will get fabulous prints.  The older your child gets, the better and stronger their print will be so it's never too late to have fingerprint jewellery made.

Is there a maximum age to take prints? I can do prints up to any age, 99 years +. However, as we head into the latter half of our lives, our prints might not be as clear as they once were. Lots of things can affect this, especially the job we do.  My prints aren't always clear as I do a lot of sanding in my job so they get worn down, although they do grow back.  As we age though the elasticity in our skin reduces and the ridges in our skin get thicker so it is harder to see the individual lines in the prints. 

So to summarise....

Hand & Foot Prints - from birth

Home Visits & Studio Visits - from 16 weeks 

Silicon Moulds (via post) - from 2 Years old

Pencil Method (via photo) - from 16 weeks 




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